Goodbye 2014

Did you realize that nearly everybody’s first word of the year is ‘happy’? Well 2014 is coming to a close, and we’re incredibly happy to have had such an amazing year for The Sam Livecast. So sit back, relax and enjoy a highlight reel of some of our favorite recipes over the last 365 days! Happy new year Livecast nation.

As we conclude ‘&^%$ You Need to Know How to Make’ week, a simple salad dressing (and homemade croutons) is an important addition. And now with this salad, pasta with Alfredo sauce and the awesome garlic bread you have a whole meal to make. Happy eating!

sam makes salad dressing - the sam livecast

basic delicious salad dressing - the sam livecast

Garlic Bread

It’s ‘#&$% You Need to Know How to Make’ week, and we’re making garlic bread. Nuff said.

garlic bread - the sam livecast

Simple Alfredo

This is part of what we’ll call “@#$%” you should know. Basics that will help you in the kitchen. And we start with one of my favorites – an everyday, simple alfredo sauce.

So get with the program y’all…this will help your food life.

sam makes alfredo sauce and bucatini - the sam livecast

simple alfredo - the sam livecast