Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as Max & Lynn have a little chat and take you through two of their favorite recipes from the first 490 episodes – Bourbon Baked Brie and the Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

bourbon baked brie

Hot Pastrami Wrap

The reason for having a really good tomato sauce at the ready is way obvious with this crazy good little baked vegetable dish.

baked cheesy ratatouille - the sam livecast

Everyday Tomato Sauce

Simple & delicious – make it once and you won’t be buying tomato sauce again. And did I say versatile? Because you can use this for so many things…as you’ll find out the rest of the week.

sam cooks everyday tomato sauce - the sam livecast

everyday tomato sauce 2 - the sam livecast

everyday tomato sauce - the sam livecast

Cottage Pie

As British Food Week slams shut, we make a simply delicious Cottage Pie – not to be confused with Shepherd’s Pie. And though it’s still a thousand degrees here in San Diego, this is fall comfort food at it’s finest and perfect when the weather is parky.  So don’t be blinkered or daft mate, cuz this pie is the dog’s bollocks.

sam cooks cottage pie - the sam livecast

Cottage Pie