The Hawaiian Dog

If there was an official hot dog of the Hawaiian Islands – this could, and should be it. Is it the sautéed onions & bacon? The truly wonderful combo of Japanese mayo & teriyaki sauce? Or maybe the grilled pineapple? Well, whatever it is, it just fricking works and you should definitely make one. Or two.

the hawaiian dog - the sam livecast

Chili Dog

But not just any chili dog, cuz as we hit Hump Day on Hot Dog week, it just gets better. Of course you can always put fries on a hot dog (and should) but there’s something about crispy hash browns that changes things. And then to combine them with sour cream and melty queso makes the whole thing ridiculous – in a good way of course.

chili dog - the sam livecast

Greek Dog

Yes the tomato and cucumber are nice, they’re refreshing & certainly delicious. But what really makes this is the quick tzatziki. It adds a crazy amount of flavor that had us wanting a second and third.

greek dog - the sam livecast