Day #2 of Kauai Week is all food – musubi, plate lunch, huli huli chicken and the list goes on. Damn, we loved it there…

kauai sunset from koloa landing penthouse - the sam livecast

huli huli chicken in kauai - the sam livecast

Welcome to Kauai Week – and apart from what we’re calling the ‘Meat Jun Debacle’, it all went relatively smoothly, and deliciously I might add.

Find the Meat Jun recipe here.

kauai road to nowhere - the sam livecast

wailua falls kauai - the sam livecast

Pro Athlete Week comes to a close with the 5th ever Livecast featuring NFL Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson.

vincent jackson pro athlete week - the sam livecast

Pro Athlete Week begins with San Diego Chargers kicker, Nick Novak. He chats about playing, getting cut, perseverance and finally making it back home. Then we jump into the kitchen to make his beloved Maryland crab cakes. We know he can kick – but can he cook? Watch and find out…

nick novak crab cakes - the sam livecast

nick novak and sam - the sam livecast