Potato Chorizo Balls

Hold off making jokes about the name of this dish and save them for my lack of skills in making it. I’m always honest about whether I’ve made something before,  and fortunately things usually turn out – well not this time Sparky. And while it ended up tasting great, I struggled all the way through.  And when I say struggled, I mean struggled. Other shows would probably have axed the episode, but not us. Call us stupid, but it’s what we do.

potato chorizo balls - the sam livecast

On today’s Livecast we dive into a viewer email and decide to actually make the recipe they sent us: this deliciously cheesy and melty pull apart bread that we ultimately decided to load up with bacon bits. The result? Heaven in a round loaf.

cheesy pull apart bread - the sam livecast

Carb Week, that’s right ‘carb week’ begins with a dish that’s not just delicious & easy – but also really timely for this time of year. Make em and love em!

goat cheese and garlic potatoes - the sam livecast

The conclusion of Max and Lynn week is here, and to finish they decided to go with some of the best dessert-style dishes from nearly 500 episodes. Enjoy these classic Livecast recipes – the Cinnamon Pecan Carmelly Pull-Apart Thingy and the Fresh Mango & Lime Ice.

cinnamon pecan carmelly pull apart thing

fresh mango and lime ice

Max and Lynn return with another round of their favorite cooking segments from the show; Max choosing the insanely juicy chicken breast prepared by Chef Eduardo Garcia, and Lynn going Midwestern and selecting the Chicken Bacon Tot Dish.

chicken mushroom & bacon hot dish 2 - the sam livecast

eduardo's chicken - the sam livecast

sam and eduardo garcia - the sam livecast