I never really deep fried much because I thought it was a pain in the ass. Well not only are these simple, but they are so damn good – Kelly has asked for them again – and that’s saying a lot.

crispy panko shrimp 2 - the sam livecast

crispy panko shrimp - the sam livecast

Shrimp Burgers

We begin shrimp week with a super delicious (and simple of course) shrimp burger. Just make it will ya?

sam cooks shrimp burgers - the sam livecast

shrimp burgers - the sam livecast

shrimp burger 3 - the sam livecast

Salmon Burger

As we head towards summer (even though it’s pouring today in San Diego) the idea of burgers came to mind, and especially a not-beef version. But don’t let the salmon throw you – this is so damn good we could have eaten five of them each.

salmon burger 2 - the sam livecast