Crab Enchiladas

I’m a big fan of crab and find anything made with it to be pretty darn delicious – and this recipe is no exception. With just a few ingredients you’ll be an enchi king or queen in no time. And, you can find the recipe here.

crab enchiladas - the sam livecast

Clams Casino is an old school recipe of clams on the halfshell with bacon & breadcrumbs. But because the Chocolate Clams (in color only, not taste) that we snagged from Catalina Offshore were so damn big – I felt the need to chop them up a bit. But the end result is something I’ll make again & again – and so should you.

clams casino - the sam livecast

Corn Fritters

Our Livecast week begins with dog simple delicious corn fritters and a potato chip tasting contest. We love what we do :-)

corn fritters - the sam livecast