Sometimes you make something and have a good idea it’ll be good. And then sometimes it’s fan-fricking-tastic. We really, and I mean really liked this burger.

Find the recipe here.

Italian Sausage Burger - the sam livecast

Ahi Sliders

Hump Day on Burger Week brings us a deliciously great and simple little ahi slider – because who says a burger has gotta be beef – certainly not us. And btw, the recipe is here.

ahi sliders - the sam livecast

Pork² Burger

Yayyyyyy, it’s burger week and right out of the gate we make a Pork/Pork burger that’s so delicious it’s silly.

Find the recipe here.

Pork² Burger - the sam livecast

I’m lovin’ National Tequila Day Week, and today will just continue the love. We bust out a simple little tequila shrimp with Mexican cream & chipotle that makes it positively dreamy. And I don’t even care if that makes sense…

Here’s the recipe

creamy chipotle shrimp - the sam livecast