Noodles are an important part of Chinese New Year because they stand for longevity and we made a delicious and spicy version with crab. So does that mean a spicy & crabby new year?

sam and lynn - the sam livecast

spicy noodles with crab - the sam livecast

Hot & Sour Soup

Our ode to Chinese New Year begins with the most welcoming of dishes – the classic ‘hot & sour’ soup. Though you can certainly add chicken, pork or whatever you like, we’ve made this with only shiitakes & tofu…but you won’t miss the meat, trust us.  The recipe is here.

hot and sour soup 1 - the sam livecast

hot and sour soup - the sam livecast

Baked Dills

‘P’ week concludes with us baking dill pickle slices. Yes, we baked em instead of frying and they’re still crunchy and delicious.

baked dills 2 -the sam livecast

Baked Dills - the sam livecast

The PirchCast

We answer a Livecast viewer email today at have a look at all things kitchen…

sam at pirch 2 - the sam livecast

sam at pirch 3 - the sam livecast

sam at pirch 4 - the sam livecast

sam at pirch 5 - the sam livecast

sam at pirch 6 - the sam livecast