Everyday Tomato Sauce

Simple & delicious – make it once and you won’t be buying tomato sauce again. And did I say versatile? Because you can use this for so many things…as you’ll find out the rest of the week.

sam cooks everyday tomato sauce - the sam livecast

everyday tomato sauce 2 - the sam livecast

everyday tomato sauce - the sam livecast

Cottage Pie

As British Food Week slams shut, we make a simply delicious Cottage Pie – not to be confused with Shepherd’s Pie. And though it’s still a thousand degrees here in San Diego, this is fall comfort food at it’s finest and perfect when the weather is parky.  So don’t be blinkered or daft mate, cuz this pie is the dog’s bollocks.

sam cooks cottage pie - the sam livecast

Cottage Pie

Welsh Rarebit

Day 2 of British Food Week brings the across-the-pond version of cheese toast, and damn is it good.

welsh rarebit 2 - the sam livecast

Welsh Rarebit - the sam livecast

Cullen Skink

Whatever you’re thinking, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong. This is British Food Week and Cullen Skink is a Scottish Soup made from smoked haddock. I make it differently (and will likely piss off any real Brits who know it well) but it’s still super delicious and much more attainable with my switch. The lovely recipe is right here.

sam makes cullen skink - the sam livecast

cullen skink - the sam livecast

San Diego Fish Tacos

While they are no hard rules for an authentic SD fish taco – I believe a few things are key. A nicely battered & crispy outside, a moist & tender inside served with a simple white sauce & of course shredded cabbage for crunch. Most any whitefish will do, but we made ours using sculpin from Tommy at Catalina Offshore.  The recipe is here.

san diego fish tacos with sam and tommy gomes - the sam livecast

san diego fish tacos - the sam livecast