Not possible you say cuz they’re only going to eat junk. Well, they will eat junk that for sure, but you can at least try to give them some tips – and that’s why I’m here. I prove it with some of my favorite, simple dorm-able ideas.

healthy dorm food day - the sam livecast

Dorm Microwave Day

Using only a microwave, we bust out an easy pasta (yes you can cook pasta in the microwave) Thai ramen noodles, a baked potato and a super simple one minute egg & bacon bagel sandwich. Booya!

dorm microwave day - the sam livecast

Easy Mac 5 Ways

It’s day one of ‘Freshman Food Week’ and we turn everyday microwave mac & cheese into 5 most excellent meals.

easy mac 5 ways - the sam livecast

Question Day

Once again I find myself alone. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a drink, relax & hang out with me while we chat common cooking problems.

question day with louie - the sam livecast