Kale Chips

A few years ago kale was a leafy green thing that no one much cared about – now it’s everywhere. And not only is it delicious in all sorts of places, but today we make it into chips you can almost swap out your potato chips for. Delicious, crunchy & salty. Oh, and healthy – there’s always that. And did I mention that we also announce the winners of the #favsamrecipe contest and chat with Ryan from Squarespace – because we do.  Happy Wednesday!

kale chips - the sam livecast

This could be the poster child for healthy, delicious eating. The title says it all so any more of a description would just make me sound like a pompous restaurant chef trying to showboat. Oh what the hell, let’s try it:

‘Hand caught local alabaster sea scallops served on a bed of forest shiitake mushrooms and Okinawan snow peas that have been delicately sautéed with fresh ginger, garlic and just a soupçon of aged tamari’

Damn I’m good.

Scallops with Shiitake & Snow Peas - the sam livecast

Hot Chicken Club

What do you make with leftover shredded chicken? Well if you’re me (and hungry), you make kind of a hot, giant chicken club with sour cream, onion & melty cheese of course.

hot chicken club - the sam livecast

I Had a Dream. I had a dream that one day, salmon, chorizo & hollandaise would live together all on a plate…in beautiful, blissful harmony. Ok so maybe it was more of a thought, but it did turn out blissful. Plus we learn how to make hollandaise in a blender. So simple yet still so delicious.

Blender Hollandaise recipe here.

Salmon with Chorizo & Hollandaise  - the sam livecast

Before you freak about the unhealthy nature of a salad with grilled cheese sandwiches on it – you should know I mean ‘grilled cheese’ as in cheese cooked over heat. Halloumi is a hearty Greek cheese you can pan fry, grill or broil. And it’s great in a salad, just watch.  And here’s the recipe. Plus our good friend Greg Rempe from the BBQ Central Show joins us to talking smoking – food smoking that is.

grilled cheese salad - the sam livecast