Day Two of Gochujang Week brings us to a ridiculously delicious & perfectly spicy fried rice – one that even Mrs Cooking liked (a lot!!).

Gochujang & Bacon Fried Rice - the sam livecast

No time to eat you say? In a rush and can’t get it together? Well the most important meal of the day needs more respect than that. And in the time it takes you to brush your teeth you could make this. Actually…brush after, because a peppermint bagel sandwich would be kinda gross.

Here’s the bagel sandwich recipe, and the Sriracha bloody recipe.

the one minute breakfast - the sam livecast

Corn Fritters

Our Livecast week begins with dog simple delicious corn fritters and a potato chip tasting contest. We love what we do :-)

corn fritters - the sam livecast

We continue a unique week with a unique cooking-centered episode. Sam decided to create his own skewers, and let’s just say the results were mixed. The first was a haloumi cheese and bread combo, skewered and then thrown on the grill alongside the second option, a french toast and bacon mixture. Both were delicious – one, however, managed to stay together a lot better. You’ll have to watch to see which one worked out!

Oh, and did we forget to mention the fact that we launched a BRAND NEW cooking competition!? Of which the winner will receive a FREE TRIP TO KAUAI!? WITH THE LIVECAST CREW! We hope you’re as excited as we are. Head to to see all the details of the competition.

french toast bacon skewers - the sam livecast

cheese bread skewers - the sam livecast