Corn Fritters

Our Livecast week begins with dog simple delicious corn fritters and a potato chip tasting contest. We love what we do :-)

corn fritters - the sam livecast

We continue a unique week with a unique cooking-centered episode. Sam decided to create his own skewers, and let’s just say the results were mixed. The first was a haloumi cheese and bread combo, skewered and then thrown on the grill alongside the second option, a french toast and bacon mixture. Both were delicious – one, however, managed to stay together a lot better. You’ll have to watch to see which one worked out!

Oh, and did we forget to mention the fact that we launched a BRAND NEW cooking competition!? Of which the winner will receive a FREE TRIP TO KAUAI!? WITH THE LIVECAST CREW! We hope you’re as excited as we are. Head to to see all the details of the competition.

french toast bacon skewers - the sam livecast

cheese bread skewers - the sam livecast

Maque Choux

Vegetable week continues, and as Sam says during the show – just because its vegetable week, doesn’t mean it has to be vegetarian week. This Maque Choux is something special from down in Louisiana. On top of the Creole, corn, cream, bacon and the rest, this is truly something unique that you can add as a side to any meal.

Along with the recipe we had a great discussion with Greg Rempe from The BBQ Central Show about the differences between grilling and BBQ, what you should be grilling this summer and also whether they prefer gas or charcoal grills.

macque choux - the sam livecast

Lynn is back! Life is good here in Livecast land and we’re happy to have our resident techie-asian-foodie back in action. This chopped chicken bacon salad is almost like a caesar yet still comes with that Cooking Guy kick you’ve come to love over the last 250+ episodes. Make this now.

chopped chicken bacon salad - the sam livecast

We got the perfect Fall salad for you guys: earthy butternut squash with crispy bites of bacon over tender greens dressed with a tangy, maple-sweet dressing.  You want to knock off Auntie Ruth’s socks at this year’s Thanksgiving bash? Make this. You’ll be picking up socks for years to come.

butternut squash bacon salad - the sam livecast