Let’s continue using vegetables in creative ways with this all veggie benedict. Don’t forget the sriracha hollandaise!

Vegetable Benedict with Sriracha Hollandaise - the sam livecast

Vegetable Benedict with Sriracha Hollandaise 2 - the sam livecast

Sriracha Popcorn

We bring Sriracha Week to an end by creating the ultimate movie snack – Sriracha Popcorn. This tasty treat isn’t just one dimensional though; by adding the sugar towards the end the combination of spicy and sweet delivers one truly unbelievable snack.

sriracha popcorn - the sam livecast

Like nearly every recipe that we do on this show – this is not your Grandmother’s egg salad sandwich. Combine Japanese mayo and crispy bacon strips with our beloved Sriracha, and before you know it you have one seriously elevated sandwich that will put to shame anything that you’ve had before.

sriracha & bacon egg salad sandwich - the sam livecast