Onion Jam

Since we made this on the Livecast I’ve used it with eggs, as an appetizer and on a pizza…just sayin’.

onion jam 1 - the sam livecast



Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is, cuz it’s crazy delicious and maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to olive oil. And btw, it could very likely become your favorite new appetizer.

dukkah - the sam livecast

Simple ingredients make a bourbonly delicious dessert. And even though it’s very simple, there’s nothing trifle about this trifle.

fresh fruit and bourbon trifle - the sam livecast

I know when people hear scone, they think morning and they think sweet. And even though this version is savory, it would still make an amazing addition to any brunch. Just make em.


Falafel Tacos

Okay, while I’ll admit this didn’t cook exactly like I wanted it to, it tastes exactly like I wanted it to…delicious.

falafel tacos - the sam livecast