Shrimp & BBQ Sauce

Welcome to ‘Tommy from Catalina Offshore Week’ on the Livecast. My fishmonger friend Tommy will be here to talk simple seafood dishes all week – and today is as easy as it gets: super delicious brown shrimp quickly seared then tossed with a little bbq sauce. Who knew?  I suppose Tommy did…

sam and tommy gomes - the sam livecast

shrimp & bbq sauce - the sam livecast

And that mean I use the same 3 base ingredients: leftover steak, sautéed onions and sautéed peppers – three different ways and make a quesadilla, a hash and a stroganoff. And while the episode is kinda frenetic – ok a LOT frenetic – there are some great lessons to be learned here. Not sure what they are, but they’re here.

steak hash - the sam livecast

leftover steak quesadilla - the sam livecast

beef stroganoff - the sam livecast

Chicken Peanut Stew

When you have extra lemons, you make lemonade. When you have extra chicken and peanut butter – you make chicken and PB stew of…course.

chicken peanut stew - the sam livecast

Fried Rice Pancakes

I’m in love with using up leftovers, and believe they can be the source of tremendous meals. So when faced with a container of remainder fried rice, I was forced to think of something I hadn’t done before – and I ended up with this little gem. It would be good anytime, but especially after a night of drinking when you don’t want the Uber driver to stop at Denny’s. So the unwritten message is this: always keep fried rice on hand. Always.

Fried Rice Pancakes - the sam livecast

The Hawaiian Dog

If there was an official hot dog of the Hawaiian Islands – this could, and should be it. Is it the sautéed onions & bacon? The truly wonderful combo of Japanese mayo & teriyaki sauce? Or maybe the grilled pineapple? Well, whatever it is, it just fricking works and you should definitely make one. Or two.

the hawaiian dog - the sam livecast