Don’t forget to tune in for tonight’s Livecast at 6 PM (pst). Sam will be showing you how to make a delicious and easy Pesto Pizza, and if you’d like to enjoy the same cocktail that Sam is making at the top of the show, have these ingredients on hand:

A Cherry
Wedge of Lemon (or Orange)

We’ll also be taking more of your questions and giving away some awesome Cooking Guy gear. You do NOT want to miss out on this show! Send your questions to, or you can post them straight to this website, Facebook or Twitter. Cya tonight!

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  1. Kelly McGrath Jun 06, 2011 - Reply

    Hey Sam:
    Other than cottage cheese, is there a food that you just dont like to eat or cook with? What is your one go to recipe that you always go to and why?

    Love your show,

  2. Cynthia Jun 06, 2011 - Reply

    Or…if you’re from Wisconsin, you make an Old Fashioned with Brandy and can choose between a “sour” or “sweet” version!

  3. Ann Jun 06, 2011 - Reply

    Sam, what’s your favorite food to eat while watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

  4. robert Jun 06, 2011 - Reply

    hey the show…anyway..with 2 dogs…do you have any dog food recipes????

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