As you livecasters know, we usually do this show in Sam’s studio. Sometimes we have people watch from the couch like Kelly, Jilli, Zach, or whoever just happens to be chillin’ there and we absolutely dig that. Well tonight, our “couches” will be the awesome Donovan’s Prime Seafood chairs and tables in downtown San Diego. You need to be there. Come ask questions, participate in the show, meet the livecast crew including Blue Steel (his real name is Steve, but what fun is that?), Shaun, Max, and myself.

Get the word out, let’s pack the restaurant, because Donovan’s will be making Sam’s amazing Cap’n Crunch Tuna and a special jalapeno-cucumber cocktail to go with it. We had it last night and were blown away by how good it was. Come hungry too, because their entire menu is amazing so keep your table and order some dinner afterward. We will definitely be doing that after the livecast.

Capn Crunch Seared Tuna

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