Tonight we’ll be sitting down with Pro Bowl Wide Receiver Vincent Jackson of the San Diego Chargers. The show is LIVE at 6 PM (pst), so tune in and send us any food related questions you have for Sam and Vincent!

Prior to it’s start and also during the show we’ll be taking questions from this website, from facebook (Sam the Cooking Guy), and also from Twitter (@thecookingguy). Let us know your name and where your from and you might get your name read on the air! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the Livecast on iTunes and leave ratings and comments! Thanks and we’ll see you live tonight!

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  1. Megan Corr May 31, 2011 - Reply

    Vincent what’s your favorite food & do you like to cook? Do you eat what you want or do you stick to a diet? By the way you are my favorite Charger! Can’t wait to see you out there this season & don’t ever leave us!

    • VJ May 31, 2011 - Reply

      In reply to Megan Corr:
      First off-thanks for the love and support! I love SD and hope to stay a Charger for my career, but we don’t always get that choice! We’ll hope for the best, but I will always give my all for the team-wherever I am!

      I do love to cook! I cook all kinds of things from manicotti with spicy sausage, enchiladas, and I love to grill anything! I honestly enjoy exploring all flavors of food and try new dishes. I really like mexican and southern/cajun food. I’m a fan of spicy!

      Kudos to Sam the Cooking Guy and all his success! He’s a great chef and friend!



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