Chicken and Dumplings

Ep244 – Dumpling Week continues with an American classic. Not to be confused with ‘chicken dumplings’, this old-school comfort food will easily have you coming back for more (I just finished the leftovers two days later and it was just as good). You’ll won’t have a problem whipping this up for family and friends and you’ll have even less of a problem with the praise you’ll surely receive.

chicken and dumplings - the sam livecast

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  1. Marla Mar 14, 2013 - Reply

    Where can I find the recipes to print from SAMs Livecast show? I looked all over for the chicken and dumplings recipe. this site doesn’t list the ingredients for the recipe only pictures.

  2. billie Jun 08, 2013 - Reply

    Same here. Can’t connect to recipe.

  3. phlorada Sep 19, 2013 - Reply

    I cant find the written recipes for an of the Livecast shows! Help! Very frustrated and upset! Would love to try sams recipes but HOW?!

  4. Kelli Sep 19, 2013 - Reply

    I agree…where are the recipes?

  5. Ruben Sep 19, 2013 - Reply

    Please post the recipe. Adoring and Hungry fans want to make this. However, its just as easy to play the LiveCast recording while you make it. :)

  6. ella Oct 16, 2013 - Reply

    Same here too. no recipe.

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