After a great Father’s Day weekend we have an extra special treat to help with that case of theMi days – Chicken Charlie is in the house! If you’re relatively new to the Livecast, Chicken Charlie is the king of all deep fried fair food and will be returning to the show for the 3rd time. In previous years he unveiled new items like the infamous deep fried Oreos and we were lucky enough to be treated to another round of new creations. Deep dried cookie dough, Krispy Kreme doughnut sloppy joes, waffle dogs with syrup and finally the bacon wrapped pickles just absolutely blew us away.

After we checked out all these tasty treats and received our yearly update from Charlie (you may soon see a Chicken Charlie restaurant), Sam and Charlie hopped in the kitchen to attempt to deep dry marshmallows. It may have been a little difficult but in the end they were amazing – thanks to Chicken Charlie for another great show!

deep fried marshmallows with chicken charlie - the sam livecast

krispy kreme sloppy joe - the sam livecast

waffle dog - the sam livecast

deep fried cookie dough - the sam livecast

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