Perhaps the most important MasterChef Friday is upon us. We are sad to say with a heavy heart that our very own Lynn Chyi has been eliminated from the competition. After a baking mishap leads to Gordon dubbing Lynn’s dish “the worst in MasterChef history”, the elimination challenge ends with Lynn taking off his apron. Today we bring Lynn out from the shadows of the control room to the main desk for a tell-all interview about his demise from MasterChef season 4.

To cheer their monstrous friend up, Sam and Max did the only thing that made sense: bring him special food. Sam picked up almost $50 worth of Asian dumplings, while Max made a special trip to Santa Monica to pick up the first incarnation of the Cronut (croissant/donut) on the west coast. He shall live to fight another day.

cronuts for lynns depature 2 - the sam livecast

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