This is not the risotto for the purists. Tonight Sam cooks a creamy, garlic, onion risotto in the oven. The usual process of babysitting Arborio rice until it becomes meltingly tender is great but if you’re short on time, make risotto this way and taste how good it can be. Try it, you’ll probably never make risotto any other way.

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  1. Joe White Feb 01, 2012 - Reply

    Here is a quick primer concerning Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes from the father of a Type 1 diabetic:

    Type 1, formerly called Juvenile Diabetes, is where the body’e immune system attacks the insulin producing cells pf the pancreas, eventually stopping all insulin production. They must externally administer insulin to live. By the way insulin was discovered by Dr Banting, who was Canadian.

    Type 2 diabetes is where the body produces insulin, but the body is resistant to using it. Type 2 diabetes, has both a genetic and weight onset, so you don’t have to be overweight to ‘get it’ Since there is more than enough insulin, Type 2 diabetes is controlled by diet (lower carbohydrates, or eat better ones), exercise, and because people suck at those two, there is usually proscribed a drug

    Either type of diabetic, can eat anything they want, they just have to plan for it. Type 1, give proper dose of insulin, Type 2, do some exercise to improve the body’s ability to use the insulin to use the carbs.

    I personally wish that the media, and advertisers would refer to diabetes by the type that it is, because while not treating either will result in death with sweet smelling urine, what is ‘good’ for one, is not necessarily for the other. Generally when they refer to diabetes, they are meaning Type 2.

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