Folks, today we have Chicken Charlie in the house. You may know him by his tasty deep-fried creations at your local fair. We’re talking Oreos, Girl Scout Cookies, brownies, Krispy Kreme sandwiches, Twinkies, frog legs, the Zucchini-Weeni (TM, I’m sure), S’Mores, Klondike Bars, and the list goes on. But wait! We got to try a couple new creations for this year: deep-fried Kool-Aid and ribs (Charlie calls them FryBQ Ribs).

By the way, we made Kool-Aid and vodka cocktails in his honor.

Charlie talks to Sam about how his American dreams were realized as a successful entrepreneur and YOU the Livecasters suggest new fried offerings for the future. We debuted our first Skype call and will be doing some more in the future. Interested in calling in and participating? Stay tuned here on this site as well as Sam’s Facebook page.

Wow that was a fun show. Tune in tomorrow night (Thursday 6/16) at 6PM PST. It’ll be Sam and you with a Donovan’s chef making Sam’s own creation: Cap’n Crunch Seared Tuna.


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