What happens when you ask your fans what they want to see in the dish tonight? We asked the Livecast nation to pick and we ended up with pizza dough, mushrooms, cheetos, shrimp, and bacon. If you’re scratching your head about what good could possibly come out of that, Sam did too. Tune in to see what he ended up with.

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  1. Joe White Mar 03, 2012 - Reply

    A Good explanation of leap year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX96xng7sAE

  2. Larry Gulliford Mar 05, 2013 - Reply

    Arizona doesn’t use DST because we don’t want more hours of sunlight during the hot summer months when it’s 110 or hotter. Except on the Navajo Reservation where DST is used, it can make things very confusing with 2 timezones in one state.

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