You ever had those crispy noodles at your local Chinese joint? You know, the crunchy, toasty strands of egg noodles covered with a rich sauce garnished by shrimp and veggies? You know what I’m talking about. Sam gets curious and tries to make it on his own. Surprisingly, it’s not all that difficult. You just need some heat and a seasoned wok.

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  1. Ilya May 05, 2012 - Reply

    Holy moly. I was waiting a new episode whole week, every day checked out your youtube channel. you scared me.
    Please upload new episodes on youtube, it’s faster loading than blubrry or whatever site it is.
    And please do something with cottage cheese (low fat), now i’m keep on diet and i ate a lot of cottage cheese. If it possible.
    You are THE BEST!!!
    P.S : your fan from Russia.

    • Lynn May 07, 2012 - Reply

      Ilya! Youtube is giving us grief, we’ll talk about it on air and address it on the Facebook.

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