What the heck is a hoffsicle? Remember David Hasselhoff in Baywatch? Apparently he’s the new fad of the summer season from Del Monte in popsicle form. I can’t make this stuff up livecasters, it’s true. Sam also talks about what kind of chopsticks to buy for your home. If you’re going to go with the disposable wooden ones, pay the extra one or two dollars (for the entire pack, not per chopstick pair) so that they break off evenly and save you and your guests from a splinter in the mouth.

We grilled some meatballs in Episode 3 and they are making a reappearance today in the form of a sub. We smothered them in a jar of pasta sauce and melty provolone cheese and served it in a toasted hot dog bun. That’s it! How freaking easy is that? Those pre-packaged meatballs are just kind of those things you need to keep around because they can do so many things. Watch the episode, follow along, make this sub, and thank Sam later.

Thanks for tuning in, it was a great week. Remember our liveshows are on at this site. We’ll turn the front page into the live show about 5-10 minutes before we start so make sure you refresh the page to see it.

Oh and one more thing. We have a very special livecast at Donovan’s Prime Seafood in downtown San Diego on Thursday 5P PST. Please come out and see us because it’s free and it’ll be a blast!

(video coming soon!)


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