Tonight we show you what you can do if you planned to cook on a grill but then some how forget to refill the gas and/or have no charcoal. We also show you that this show is 100% live and we do run into glitches every once in a while. Either way, we’re sure you are going to enjoy this rich BLT pizza and grilled, garlic & cheese pizza dough.

BLT Pizza

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  1. pjk Aug 01, 2012 - Reply

    Relax Sam – I’m SO going to enter the competition. Max is right – you guys set a pretty high bar for quality, so I have been fussing over my entry to try to reflect some degree of quality.

    However, knowing how anxious having zero entries is making you, I may just set up my iPhone or iSight and bang something out a little more “unpolished”. You know… I’m gonna do just that. My video will be around a minute in length, and I will prepare a dish in that time that will blow you (and Kelly) away. It was an appetizer I got at Nopa in San Francisco that was freaking awesome and unexpected.

    Have a peek at my food blog “The Gentleman’s Kitchen” to get an idea of some of my styles. I tend to try to emulate things I like in restaurants, on cooking shows (like yours!) and just things I am a bit OCD about at the moment. I went from competition BBQ to all-juice “reboot”. Kind of the Morgan Spurlock of cooking.

    So in closing – be on the lookout for my low quality, high value entry.

    Love your show and love you guys. The family dynamic really makes the show. Not that Sam isn’t great solo – the banter is what makes this show crackle like Pop Rocks.

    • Lynn Aug 02, 2012 - Reply

      That’s all we ask. Look forward to seeing your entry! And Nopa… I’ve always wanted to eat there.

      • eric Aug 02, 2012 - Reply

        You just dated yourself Lynn !!! ha !! pop-rocks!!

        • pjk Aug 04, 2012 - Reply

          If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can get pop rocks at (of all places) Surfas Restaurant Supply. The 80′s are baaaack!

  2. Jeff Willis Aug 12, 2013 - Reply

    Iceberg lettuce…The TITANIC… I get it!!!
    (BTW, it took me a little while! :-)

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