Yes you heard right: mashed potato tacos. Think warm corn tortillas with a creamy mashed potato filling, crunchy potato chips, sharp green onions, and a tangy hot sauce drizzled over it all. They were so good that I hardly had the time to take the food shots after the show. The crew devoured them that quickly.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. On this livecast we make a refreshing raspberry gin and tonic and Sam talks about his 12th (or at least this is the number we think) Today Show appearance where he shows off his summer grilling skills in the Big Apple. We also check out a new fashion trend and–as mentioned earlier–make a fabulous mashed potato taco that is so easy a caveperson can do it. Yes, I know the correct term is caveman but we don’t want to get sued.

Alright livecasters. It’s hot, the sun’s out, and you gotta go out and get some grilling done. Go get Sam’s new book “Just Grill This” and impress all your friends and family with some killer recipes. We’ll see you on Episode 20.

Mashed Potato Tacos

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  1. Laura Jul 18, 2011 - Reply

    You should try making mashed potato rolled tacos! It is one of my families favorite recipes that grandma always makes. She mixes potato with cotija cheese and rolls it up in a tortilla and frys them! Try them with sour cream, guacamole, and salsa it is divine!!

  2. Jenny Jul 31, 2012 - Reply

    Hey Sam

    Next time you burn yourself (because you know there will be a next time) take a pickle, cut it, and put the freshly cut side right on the burn. This is a trick an ex-Navy cook told me and for some reason it kills the burn and prevents that huge bubble blister to form.

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