What’s up livecasters, it’s Thursday which is like our Friday so we hope that you’ll have a great weekend after this show. Tonight, Sam drinks an agave sweetened tequila and makes the crew some “Blue Steels”–Steve’s drink of choice. Then we have a Skype caller joining us for the show and Sam gives out some tips for the grilling season. I talk about my trip to Chicago and my dining experience at the number one restaurant in North America: Alinea. Finally, Sam makes Chiliquiles with a fried egg on top and a bit of sangrita and tequila to drink with it. The chiliquiles literally took 4 minutes in the microwave and about 1 minute to prep. Sam took longer trying to find a can opener.

BTW, thanks for participating in “What’s different about this show?”

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  1. Sandy Carlos Jul 07, 2011 - Reply

    Why is this just audio….I thought if I click on “play in new window” I would see the video?

    • Lynn Jul 07, 2011 - Reply

      Audio always gets posted first, it’s the fastest to render. Since we’re trying to put out the highest quality show, we take a bit of time to render and upload the HD video. If you don’t see video, don’t worry, we’re on it!

  2. Terri Ann Miller Jul 08, 2011 - Reply

    Hi Sam!
    Not sure if you remember me…but 20 of my closest friends and I rolled-up to your house in a full-size party bus to celebrate my 40th birthday at a Caribbean-inspired birthday party that you hosted. What a blast we all had with you! You are awesome. And, I have run into you around town…which is always so fun for me (although, I still get a little star-struck when I see you.)

    Recently I changed cable providers from Time Warner to ATT U-Verse. So, not only do I miss seeing my Padres on Channel 4, I missing seeing YOU and your Sam the Cooking Guy Show! Just this week, I was having Sam the Cooking Guy withdrawals and started watching some of your episodes from your website. But, now I get to see you LIVE! I am so excited to have found your new Livecast Show! This is awesome! I love this uncensored, uncut version of your cooking show. It is so fun!

    Thanks for staying so visible and approachable around San Diego.
    You are awesome!
    Hope to see you soon.
    ~Terri Miller

  3. Joe White Jul 08, 2011 - Reply

    The difference about Thursday’s show is that it was filmed live on Wednesday Night after Wednesday’s livecast and the the pre-recorded Wednesday Night show was shown on Thursday. Therefore every time any one mentioned Thursday, they were actually lying!

  4. EA Jul 09, 2011 - Reply

    it’s chilaquiles not chiliquiles …lol :o )

  5. Ruben Jul 11, 2011 - Reply

    I liked the idea of learning about wine. A lot of us are wine drinkers and it would be great to be able to share within the community wines that we enjoy. Pairing is important, and it doesn’t have to be snobby. I enjoy my wine in flip flops and jeans.

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