Brussels sprouts get such a terrible rep. They’re not gross, they’re not stinky, and they’re definitely not hard to prepare. You don’t boil them to death and you don’t win a small victory every time you feed it to your unsuspecting kids. Done right, you can have an amazing salad with minimal prep! We’ll show you how to do it two different ways tonight.

the sam livecast - shaved brussels sprouts with bacon and dijon vinaigrette

the sam livecast - shaved brussels sprouts lemon vinaigrette parmesan cheese

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  1. Jamie Dec 20, 2012 - Reply

    I love brussel sprouts, so I decided to make this dish tonight. It was fantastic! Light, crisp and refreshing. I saved half the sprouts to make the warm dish with the bacon tomorrow….can’t wait. Love the podcasts Sam. Thanks!

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