What are you doing the mornings after Thanksgiving Eve (inside Livecast joke)? If you’re like most people who make classic breakfast with pancakes involved, you should really think about giving it a fresh Fall season twist and add pumpkin. It’ll require some leftover pie filling and not much else so give it a shot and see how you’ll instantly become a hero of the day.

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pumpkin pancakes with maple butter - the sam livecast

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  1. Robin Oct 17, 2013 - Reply

    Love the pumpkin pancakes but how much pumpkin do
    You add???

    • Chrissie Nov 22, 2013 - Reply

      Just a guess, I would substitute a bit of the liquid and replace it with pumpkin so it’s not too thin. Then add more as needed … again, just a guess. I usually do that when I’ m adding a new ingredient to a recipe.

  2. Jeanne Nov 27, 2014 - Reply

    Made these this morning and they are AWESOME!! I added a little more pumpkin to make it thinner but had to keep adding water until it was just right. The pecans are a perfect addition!

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