Now you may say to yourself, “Self, that is the weirdest episode title ever. How is this show going to be any good?” I can tell you for sure that we all couldn’t stop laughing at tonight’s livecast. It was hilarious. Sam finally gets around to talking about why he hates the Food Network in our new segment. However, before we got there, we must have hit every other random topic ranging from the plague of hot laptops to male genitals, why British accents make everything better (including porn, yes you read that right, we keep it PG-13 so don’t worry), Steve’s terrible experience at Oliver Peoples, and addressing the livecast from last Thursday that has stirred up quite a ruckus.

You won’t want to miss this one, we make a simple soju and tea cocktail that was really refreshing and Sam makes a 2.5 minute-flat teriyaki chicken that he says is “the bomb”. It really was, I had two bowls.


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