Sup Livecasters today we start by making a delicious and easy cocktail called Bourbon Dishwater. It is a refreshing thing to have for these summer days so make sure you tune in to find how easy it is.

For those that aren’t in San Diego, let me introduce our special guest from one of the city’s most successful restaurants: Urban Solace. If you are from San Diego and haven’t heard of Matt Gordon and his brain-child Urban Solace… what the heck? Go try their food, tell them Sam sent you! Chef Matt Gordon has journeyed on one of the strangest paths to restaurant ownership. It’s certainly an interesting departure from the traditional “go to culinary school, work under a bunch of great chefs, and then open your own place” type of deal. Matt doesn’t disappoint either. He brings Sam and the crew some of his signature dishes from the restaurant like duck-a-roni, chicken and dumplings, and house biscuits.

Yo, let’s get the word out livecasters, tell people to tune in on this website for all the Sam you want, whenever you want. Remember, we go live Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6PM PST. We’ll be there. Will you?

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