Three Mushroom Pasta

Ep240 – Pasta week is here and we bring in the new week with an amazing recipe. Crimini, oyster and portabello mushrooms – you may not have tasted each of these delectable varieties, but the time has now come to branch out and make this unbelievable recipe. Simple and delicious yet always with that Livecast flare, bring this dish to the table and you’ll see spaghetti and fettucini become a thing of the past.

three mushroom pasta - the sam livecast

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  1. Eric Feb 23, 2013 - Reply

    Sam is the best! It’s all good if he cooks it! He inspires me to be a better cook, and sometimes I live up to that inspiration.
    But, PLEASE, could you give us an idea of how much of each ingredient you are using? Paula Deen must be a Munchkin, because one measuring cup of milk is the same size as her head! (Watch a video sometime.) I don’t know if Sam is a Munchkin or an Amazon. Was that an ounce of mushrooms? Four ounces? I’m guessing, four ounces of each. It sure would be helpful if you gave us an eastimate, or posted a recipe link with the podcast. Just sayin…

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