On tonight’s episode we rag on Guy Fieri and the Food Network. We read some fan mail and some hate mail. And then, Sam makes the most killer looking scallops ever. Seriously, I’m going to go make this dish over the weekend.

ginger scallion scallops

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  1. Mike Jul 28, 2011 - Reply

    Why do cooks rag on each other so often? Less ragging and more cooking would be good.

  2. Deneil Jul 29, 2011 - Reply

    As always I love the show and of course I love scallops. I am totally going to try this.

  3. Matt Jul 29, 2011 - Reply

    Sam, love the podcast – usually listen while I am doing yardwork.

    I go to the grocery store just about everyday so I rarely ever use a shopping cart. The other day I had a longer than usual list so when I parked at the store, I thought I would be helpful and just grab the cart someone had left in the parking lot. Then I thought “No”.

    With the economy the way it is, everyone is struggling to save their job and those who have jobs are trying to increase their hours. If everyone returned their carts to the front of the store, hours would be cut and there might even be another layoff.

    I refuse to return shopping carts in the hopes that in some small way it saves a job. Your “hater” who flamed you for not returning a shopping cart the other day is actually the one who is acting like an unthoughtful jerk.

  4. Mike Jul 29, 2011 - Reply

    Good one, Matt. Where’s the “like” button?! :)

  5. Dennis Sep 25, 2011 - Reply

    Loving the new format Sam! Love leaving the livecasts playing on my laptop while cooking. I’ve been listening to them all day, today 10 episodes straight! Bye bye foodnetwork.
    Btw, the technique I like using for peeling the bark off of fresh ginger is to scrape it with a spoon. Lot less waste that way. Now you have a new use for your mayo spreader.. ;)

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