Livecasters! What a crazy week we’ve had. Thank you for watching us and letting us entertain you with all of our antics. Tonight we FINALLY talk about polenta: a very versatile food you can get pre-made at the super market. For another segment of “Who Eats this Shit?” Sam and I eat a canned roast beef. Mmm. Not. Finally to celebrate the end of July, our fair season, we make some homemade kettle corn. A little sweet, a little salty, and a lot of flavor. Thanks for tuning in this week. We’ll see you next Monday.

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  1. Jenny Aug 13, 2012 - Reply

    …..polenta is not hard to make, one part corn meal to two parts water or chicken broth…..simmer ’till fully cooked. Yikes how lazy can you get when that is time intensive??

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