You don’t want to miss tonight’s entertaining and educational livecast guys. We take a look at a Food Network fraud, Sam’s incredibly versatile pantry, and make Sam’s amazing Ballpark Hotdogs. It has onions, bacon, beans, all a top a toasty bun. Dang it was good.

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  1. Rick Aug 23, 2011 - Reply

    Sam is this all you do for work? if so I want your job or one like it. I have tryed a lot of your resipes and love most of them. The wife not so much,and don’t ask me why. I think because they are so easy. She tends to think if the resipes don’t take 1-2- hours it’s not worth doing. ?????????? I love easy because I do most of the cooking.
    Sam do you do any fishing? that would be a good show for you, Sam goes fishing then comes back cleans his fish( if he catches some) then creates a good meal with fresh fish.
    See ya

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