Guess what? We’re the number #1 rated Food video podcast in iTunes! We owe it all to you you guys, the Livecast nation, so thank you all so much for your support. Tonight’s show was a lot of fun. We kicked off the top of the show with Sam throwing the Jambalaya ingredients into the rice cooker. We then followed with some videos that Sam took of people in the grocery store and discussed proper grocery store etiquette. After that we moved into the benefits of Kewpie Japanese mayo vs. regular mayo, dissected the Reebok commercial that claims they’ll give you a great butt, and finally closed the show with a look at some European street foods (and heard Sam’s accents of the countries they came from). Its our Friday (your Thursday) so we’ll be back next week with a ton more fun! Thanks so much to everybody for driving up the rankings and we’ll be sure to keep delivering the Livecasts that you guys have come to expect. Have a great weekend!

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