We covered a lot of ground tonight for a Monday. Sam started off by getting some onions & green peppers cut up and cooking for the brats–hey, it’s Oktoberfest bitches!!! We talked about whether Pippa enhanced her butt in the dress she wore at her sisters wedding. Then we chatted about Hooters’ lawsuit against ‘Twin Peaks Restaurants’ for stealing “sensitive” business information. Believe it or not, Sam actually had a segment about ‘why he LIKES the Food Network’. And finally, he did a couple rounds of his Andy Rooney impressions honoring Andy’s last appearance on 60 Minutes

A special thanks to Maria Montana for stopping by and bringing the crew a lovely fig and apple crostada. She writes for San Diego Food Finds (www.sandiegofoodfinds.com).

Tonight was a lot of fun and a lot of nonsense–all-in-all a perfect show. We’re back Wednesday so we’ll see you then people.

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