Sup Livecasters, in Episode 7 Sam starts out with a sweet Old Fashioned cocktail made by muddling sugar and bitters, mixing in whiskey, and topping it off with a thick, fragrant lemon peel and some Maraschino cherries. Refreshing. Then Sam answers some fan questions, gives out a bunch of stuff and finishes the livecast by making a quick and easy pesto pizza that you’ll want to bust out at your next hang out. Sam also talks about shopping smart, buying spices in bulk and the importance of Kosher salt. Make sure to tune in on Wednesday. We have the guys from MIHO Gastrotruck and will be giving away a book signed by the ‘genius’ Sam the Cooking Guy and San Diego Chargers’ #83 Vincent Jackson.

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  1. Joe White Jun 08, 2011 - Reply

    Sam, Where do you buy spices in bulk? I do shopping at Sam’s Club, and they have some spices in large containers, but nothing larger and my local grocers only carry the small bottles, and also none of the bulk barells that you don’t like kid’s sticking their hands in.

  2. Joe White Jun 08, 2011 - Reply

    Sam, I think you box of kosher salt was from Morton. According to them it has a free flowing agent mixed in with the salt

  3. Sara Hess Oct 18, 2011 - Reply

    Catching up on Livecasts — I love at the end how Sam and Max are together — they are a handsome combo of father and son! I would like more of that interaction on the Livecast episode! The tension/love is great :) And yes, this pizza is happening as soon as possible! Just need to find that garlic-cheese…

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