Sup Livecasters! It’s the first episode of our Thanksgiving week and we have an amazing recipe for a superb stuffing omelette you’ll salivate over. We also get a peek into the sad food life of a UC Davis college student. This episode was brought to you by the spice Sage, the official Thanksgiving spice of The Sam Livecast. It was definitely a key component in the stuffing Sam made for the omelette. Again, it’s Thanksgiving Week Livecasters, so watch all week to get tips on how to make this Thanksgiving the tastiest one of all.

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  1. Joe White Nov 16, 2011 - Reply

    Most college dorms are under powered because they were built during the time when people had very little electronic gadgets. Hot plates, etc are not allowed because of the under powered dorm room and the stereotypical image of a college student who would leave everything turned on all of the time, leading to either blown circuits or fire. My daughter goes to Boston University, and she can’t have a separate fridge and microwave like Sage had. She has to rent a microfridge, which does power management and turns the fridge off when the microwave is on.

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