Do you hear that? Yeah, neither do I. That’s the sound of the smoke detector NOT going off during the show’s chaotic grill sequence tonight. If you missed the live show don’t worry, we got all the shenanigans right here for you. Sam starts the show off with a off-the-charts Pimm’s Cup with ginger ale, cucumber, and a bit of fresh orange juice (please don’t forget that cucumber). Then he talks a bit about polenta and the cool stuff you can do with it. Did you know you could grill that sucker with a bit of basil oil drizzled on top? Finally Sam creates his “almost guaranteed to win you an award” sweet, sticky ribs. You’ll be surprised at how simple and tasty it is. Just try to grill it more than two feet from your living room okay? If you want to know what happens when you don’t, just watch tonight’s smokey show.

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