Feta Shrimp

Shrimp with cheese…wrong, right? No, good, right. Wait, now we’re confused. Let’s just say it’s delicious and simple. And it goes together in about 5 minutes. So make that delicious, simple and quick. And so right.

Find the recipe here.

shrimp and feta in tomato sauce - the sam livecast

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  1. Hope Scholl Oct 21, 2013 - Reply

    Can’t seem to get past this Livecast…don’t get me wrong – love the show – just can’t get into shrimp and feta.

    That said…tell me why you touch your back-splash area with your heating frying pan. I’ve tried to watch this episode through to completion and you have done this in the past I think. What’s that about???

    Love Livecast, love Fixtures Living – Pirch – commercials…there’s something about the lady in the bathtub that makes me think she looks an awfully lot like Kelly.

    Please don’t ask me to put cheese in a shrimp dish…there’s so much else out there!

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