Bread week continues with this amazing simple 3 ingredient loaf of bread.   Sam made this recipe for a crispy outside yet soft and doughy loaf that you can make in only 5 minutes.  How is it possible you ask?  The yeast from the beer helps it come alive and while of course you can use any beer – he used Newcastle Brown Ale for flavor.  Thought bread was a pain?  Think again.

fresh baked bread - the sam livecast

fresh baked bread 2 - the sam livecast

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  1. Jeff Apr 12, 2013 - Reply


    I’m a big fan but would love to see your website more user friendly when searching for the actual recipe. The ingredients for this recipe for example are not listed. Other recipes require significant navigating to get the recipe ingredients without re-watching the show.

    Maybe that is what you would like. :) But,,for some of your fans,,,,,,,I bet it’s an issue.

    Thank you,


    PS. It’s great for a doofus to learn that cooking is a learned skill that anyone can teach.

    • Lynn Apr 12, 2013 - Reply

      Jeff! Definitely noted, we are working to improve the recipe system here on the livecast. Thank you for your continued support and feedback, it means a lot to us!

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