The finale of Tequila Week converges with MasterChef Friday’s to create one epic episode, packed with behind the scenes discussion from not one, but three of the final 11 competitors of MasterChef season 4. Lynn brought along friends from the show, Savannah and Natasha, and after some lively conversation about the recent episode we managed to get the girls in the kitchen for our very own mystery box challenge. If there was ever any doubt – these girls can cook!

savannah sam and natasha - the sam livecast

savannah masterchef chicken dish - the sam livecast

natasha masterchef salmon dish - the sam livecast

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  1. Philip Potter Jun 28, 2013 - Reply

    Episode 293 is not on i-Tunes

  2. eric d'arcy Jul 04, 2013 - Reply

    Savannah is simple and elegant ! The key is the meat is UNDERNEATH her chicken ! Natasha piled her salmon ON-TOP of her veggies’s ?? What looks better and is easier to eat ? Savannah’s dish is fun and easy to eat. Whereas Natasha’s dish is …mmm….how should I eat this ? Do I roll the salmon off the plate or do I cut the top of the salmon first…???? Hands down I would hire Savannah over Natasha for a first run non-competitive meal challenge !!

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