Welcome to ‘Christmas Breakfast Week’ on the Livecast. Because of the holiday we recognize you might have a house full of people and we wanted to make sure you fed them the right way. So we start with a dog-simple hash made of tamales, and unless you overcook the eggs like I did…it’ll be magnificent. The recipe is here.

Tamale Hash & Baked Eggs - the sam livecast

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  1. Jean Dec 25, 2013 - Reply

    Made this for brunch today! Awesome idea and tasted great, although I just topped with an over easy egg and some Tapatio. Thanks!

  2. Brenda Navarro Dec 26, 2013 - Reply

    This is the most curious and weird meal or breakfast that I never see in my entire life, of course, I am Mexican and the tamales eats with atole, nothing else!
    Dear Sam, you are a “loquillo” ;)

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