Tequila Shrimp

We follow up the Tequila Week Sangrita with another unique and delicious recipe, of course using tequila. After throwing some shrimp in a pan and giving them some color, Sam splashed about a cup of tequila on top of the shrimp, igniting the pan and giving the shrimp and infusing the shrimp with the flavors of the tequila. Once the flames burned down we took the shrimp off the heat, where Sam then added greek yogurt and chipotle to add even more flavor to the dish.

And what would the Livecast be without discussion about the recent Paula Dean developments and what we can expect on the upcoming MasterChef with @MC4Lynn. Don’t miss MasterChef Friday’s where we get on the behind the scenes info on the recent episode.

tequila shrimp - the sam livecast

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