It’s a good day to be a part of The Sam Livecast…cuz we’ve made it to 300 episodes!  We have had momentous occasions in the past, but for some reason reaching this number feels like the biggest. We’d like to thank every single person that’s been there with us from the beginning and all those that have joined a long the way – you guys are what make this show amazing!  We would be nowhere without your input, and for 300 episodes every fan has helped to shape the show into what it is today. For all of that, thank you again so much for keeping us alive.

To mark the occasion we decided to treat ourselves a little bit with a beautiful filet mignon topped with crab and bernaise sauce. It couldn’t have been a better way to help us remember why we love our jobs and why we keep coming back – which is what you should do as well!  Happy 300th!

filet mignon topped with crab and béarnaise sauce for the 300th episode - the sam livecast

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