The greatness of canned tuna week continues with a simple and delicious pasta recipe. Another great way to utilize those boring cans of tuna you’ve never liked!

tuna pasta - the sam livecast

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  1. Cindy Apr 24, 2013 - Reply

    Where is the recipe?

    I have no speakers so I can’t hear what they are.

  2. Jon Hanaoka Apr 24, 2013 - Reply

    I was watching another cooking show the other day. Has someone else used your kitchen for their show? It looked identical!

    Jon Hanaoka

    P.S. My wife and I LOVE your show!
    P.S.S. We see you on the t.v.’s when we go into Costo in Laguna Niguel. Very cool!!!

    • Sam May 20, 2013 - Reply

      thanks jon – it was used once for an infomercial, but that’s it. glad you and mrs jon are here!

  3. Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom Apr 27, 2013 - Reply

    Hi Sam,
    Just watched a few episodes of your show tonight. . I LOVE it! Will definitely spread the word about your show and because you said it’s “whack”, I am so trying this recipe. . :) looks delicious and love that you did a canned tuna week, yo!

    you’ve got a new fan,

    • Sam May 20, 2013 - Reply

      dear hipfoodiemomm – I really appreciate the love – thanks for hanging with us. and say hi to seattle for me, I love the place.

  4. Judy Sep 24, 2013 - Reply

    I love this recipe. Dinner was totally fresh! The lemon gave it zing!

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