Tonight we chat with the great NY foodie Art Bovino from and make a delicious and simple (isn’t it always?) BBQ Chicken Slider. Soft, toasty sweet Hawaiian rolls with rotisserie chicken smothered in BBQ sauce (and a splash of vinegar for tang), topped with onion rings and cole slaw for a crispy/cool bite. Trust me, you haven’t made anything this good and easy in a long time (unless you’re a big-time Sam fan).

On tonight’s Livecast we are very excited to have the infamous BLUE STEEL (otherwise know as Steve) back on camera with the livecast crew, telling us all about his voyage to India, Brazil, and China. And it is time again for our weekly Wednesday chat with The Daily Meal’s, Art Bovino. We talk chefs, fast cars, and In-n-Out vs. Shake Shack burgers! Last but not least, Sam’s cooking up a rich, creamy, deliciously easy-to-make version of a classic comfort food we like to call… Meatball Stroganoff!

Running out of ideas for Thanksgiving? Well Sam’s got you covered with MANY Thanksgiving recipes for your next gathering. Tonight we make a delicious roasted sweet potato and yam with bourbon, OJ, and maple syrup (we withheld the yucky marshmallow topping). We also talked with Art Bovino from and talked about Sam’s amazing trip to General Atomics (the maker of the Predator Drone). Thanksgiving week continues this Thursday, tune in to see what we make!

This show should have been called, “My whole world has been turned upside-down by Art Bovino (of the Today on our little chat with our NYC representative, we discovered the wonderful (or wonderfully disgusting) world of McMashups. You’ll just have to watch to see what kind of creations that people have come up with using only McDonalds products. My personal favorite of the night being the “McWichCameFirst”. Brilliant. We also had Sam give some tips about buying knives. If you are thinking about spending money on that knife block set you’ve always wanted, tune in first and listen to some good advice. Finally, Sam busts out another easy and tasty Asian-inspired recipe with a tomato & egg stirfry with steamed rice. So satisfying.

Today we had a fun little show with the legendary Art Bovino from We talked about some best sandwiches around the country and Art also enlightened us about a joint in El Paso, TX that makes his knees knock every time. We were also joined by Kelly from The Feast ( as a special guest on the couch. But the star of the show had to have been the amazing pizza that Sam made with zesty Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, blue cheese dressing, bubbly Monterey Jack cheese, and shredded rotisserie chicken. You HAVE to try it.

PS: Sam is pissed at Kim Kardashian for that whole marriage fiasco. You should be too.